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Board game - Humm Bug
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Donated by Buddies Toys, Sidney


"The Hum 'n' Guessin' Game".

Object: to have fun humming and guessing popular song and theme tunes.

Categories: - 50's: songs released before or during 1959 (some go back as far as the '20's!) - 60's - 70's - 80's to the present day - Misc, includes theme tunes, musicals, etc.


Sequence of Play: players place their token on the hex-based board, each hex naming one of the above categories. Successfully humming or guessing a tune allows the player to advance. If the guesser can also name the artist, it becomes their turn to hum (otherwise play goes in clockwise order). The first player to reach the far side of the board wins (there is a special all-player hum-off at this point, to stop them winning).




Value $25