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Wasgij Original 6: Blooming Marvellous puzzle
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Wasgij Original 6: Blooming Marvellous puzzle



Wasgij – produced and manufactured by Jumbo Games – is the UK’s number one adult jigsaw puzzle range, a position it has enjoyed since 2005 (Source: NPD). Wasgij - is jigsaw spelt backwards and is pronounced ‘Woz-gidge’.

This was not an ‘overnight’ success story, but a brand which has been increasing in popularity since it first came to market in 1997. Even in the early years Wasgij received positive praise from puzzlers; Wasgij Original 6: Blooming Marvellous – was the UK’s 2nd bestselling adult puzzle in 2001 and Wasgij Original 7: Bear Necessities - was ranked the 3rd bestseller in the same year (Source: NPD).

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Value $20